Wooden flooring treated with Osmo Polyx®- Oil will last for generations. The protective diffusion-open finish allows wood to breathe keeping it healthy. The finish repels dirt and moisture. And should any soiling or damage occur, it is easy to clean and repair.

Care for oiled floors is easy if you follow some basic rules. Choosing the correct care product is a important. Other more aggressive all-purpose cleaners will break down the protective layer of Polyx®-Oils and cause your wooden floor to become more sensitive to dirt. To clean regularly, we recommend using a damp mop with the gentle, caring Osmo Wash and Care.


  • Highly effective cleaning and care concentrate with natural ingredients
  • For regular cleaing and care
  • Highly recommended for flooring treated with Polyx®-Oil
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use
  • Ideal for all wooden, varnished, stone, vinyl and tiled floors
  • Moisturizing, does not dry flooring out
  • Optimal when used with Opti-Set


Osmo Wash and Care is especially suitable for the cleaning and care of oiled and waxed wooden flooring. It is also recommended for furniture, doors, wall and ceiling panelling.


Approximate dosage: 1 cover cap per litre of water
Drying: Mop to dry
Size: 1L


  1. Remove debris with a dust mop or a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Concentrate: 1 capful of Wash and Care to 2 litres of water. For machine processing (e.g. with FloorXcenter) or a higher level of contamination, the concentration can be increased to a mixing ratio of 1:1.
  3. Clean with a slightly damp mop and dry immediately.

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